St John the Baptist Church


The first church in Yeovil was built in around 900AD. The present church was started in the late fourteenth century and finished in around 1405. Much of the building was probably done by William Wynford, the master mason of Wells, who had strong links to the Monarchy.


To meet the needs of the increased population, Holy Trinity Church Foundation stone was laid in Hendford on 24th June 1843. A major restoration of the church was undertaken from 1851 to 1860.


Some headstones remain outside the church, but a cemetery was built in Preston Road in 1863. The move was probably long overdue as water from the graveyard at St John the Baptist Church was running into the Silver Street public wells, which was a public health concern.

Photo of Yeovil, Holy Trinity Church, Interior 1900, ref. 45317
Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.